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Hand depositing change in a jar beside text 'Tourette Syndrome Awareness'

Swear2Change 2023: May 15 – June 30

Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Month is May 15 – June 15

TICS uses Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month to educate and “Swear 2 Change” society’s perception of Tourette Syndrome! With the support of each of you & our amazing staff and volunteers, we will be fundraising for our financial assistance program, tuition supplement options, and offsetting volunteer costs and camp supplies. To date, we have raised over $50k for this program through our #Swear2Change campaign.

How to Participate?

Create a Frontstream donation page, find out more information about #Swear2Change, or make a donation here!

Our goal is to raise $20,000 by June 30th and there are prizes for the people who raise the most money!

To create a donation page:

  1. Open the Frontstream 2023 campaign page
  2. On the top right of the main page, click “Register”
  3. Select a “Team” (see email for team assignments)
  4. Click “Continue”
  5. Select “Volunteer/Medical Staff”
  6. Create an account (you can set this up through your Facebook if you’d like)
  7. Once you create your account, select a personal fundraising goal of at least $300. If each volunteer raises $300, then we will achieve our overall goal of $20,000!

About Swear 2 Change

Camp Twitch and Shout is an American Camp Association – Award Winning – accredited summer camp experience hosted by TICS, Inc. for children ages 8-17 with a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders. Our purpose is for children with Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders to experience the joys of camp in a supportive environment, and help improve and impact their lives with our principles that help them develop in the areas of friendship, independence, individuality, resilience, and mindfulness. We also strive to ensure it is an affordable option for our children to attend. To cover the cost of our volunteers and with our sliding tuition options, Camp Twitch and Shout will need to supplement around $20,000 in tuition for over 70 families and volunteers this summer.

The community typically thinks of Tourette Syndrome as the “swearing” disorder. We want everyone to empathize and embrace those that experience this symptom, while learning that TS can be very complex. “Coprolalia” is the vocal tic that is saying inappropriate words such as swearing, yet vocal tics can also be grunting, squeaking, sniffing, gasping, words or phrases. Coprolalia is found in about 10-15% of individuals with TS and each person has their own unique set of symptoms and challenges.

We as an organization will be using Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month (May 15-June 30) to educate and “swear 2 change” society’s perception of Tourette Syndrome. With the support of our amazing staff and volunteers, we will be fundraising for our Financial Assistance program and tuition supplement options.

Here is where your donation goes:

  • $100 helps subsidize tuition for 1 Camper (Tier 1 option)
  • $200 helps subsidize tuition for 1 Camper (Tier 2 option)
  • $300 helps subsidize tuition for 1 Camper (Tier 3 option)
  • $155 pays for 1 day of camp for 1 Camper
  • $250 pays for 1 Volunteer Staff Member for the week
  • $925 pays for the entire week of camp for 1 Camper

ANY size donation helps to cover these costs!

Help us Swear 2 Change the lives of the children who come to Camp Twitch and Shout by donating or creating a fundraising page of your own today!

If you would prefer to mail in a donation make checks payable to “TICS, Inc.” and mail to:

Tourette Information Center & Support
3069 Amwiler Road
Suite 3
Atlanta, GA 30360

If you have any questions, please email