Camp Leadership

Megan Kasper Headshot

Megan Kasper

Camp Director of Staffing and Logistics

Megan Kasper has been with Camp Twitch and Shout since 2011 serving in a variety of roles; Counselor, Cabin Leader, Unit Leader, LIT Program Director, CIT Program Director, Transportation Coordinator, and most recently as Assistant Camp Director. She found out about camp while studying to become a teacher. As part of a scholarship requirement, she had to volunteer during the summer. When she saw the words “Camp Twitch and Shout” on a list she thought to herself, “What is this…a camp for kids with Tourette syndrome?” And she was right! She didn’t know anything about Tourette Syndrome and stumbled into such a welcoming, compassionate, and accepting community. She was confronted by many assumptions and stereotypes she had about Tourette Syndrome and about supporting students with diverse abilities. She contributes much of her preparation and continued education for being an inclusive educator to the resilient and inspiring campers of Camp Twitch and Shout.

Megan attended Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina for both her undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Secondary Education and her master’s degree in College Student Development; Student Affairs Practice. She currently works at her alma mater as a Career Coach for students and alumni in the College of Fine & Applied Arts and the Hayes School of Music.

Megan is happily married, an identical twin, and passionate about serving others. When she isn’t at work or at camp, she can be found exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains with her dogs or re-reading a Jane Austen or Harry Potter novel. She is also active with the Watauga Humane Society and Wilkes County Rescue Group serving as a foster home for senior dogs.

Camp Twitch & Shout is a program of TICS, Tourette’s Information Center and Support. TICS Leadership information can be found here