FAQ for CTAS Summer Camp 2021


To our prospective campers, parents, staff, and volunteers:

We are so excited to be returning to summer camp for CTAS 2021 over the dates of July 18, 2021 – July 23, 2021. Please see below for information regarding summer camp. These policies are in accordance with CTL and TICS recommendations. Any items in quotations below come from the Camp Twin Lakes Summer Opening Plan. Information is likely to be added, so please continue to check regularly or reach out to marygrace@camptwitchandshout.org with further questions!

A Google doc version of this content can be found here.

At this time, camp is limited to 50 campers between the ages of 10-17.

Campers can apply if they will be between the ages of 10-17 at the time of camp. Campers who are 17 or Rising Seniors will need to apply under the status of Leaders-in-Training (LITs).

Yes, a Confirmation of Diagnosis of TS will be required for all first-time campers! This can be completed with your child’s neurologist or diagnosing physician. Please find the Confirmation of Diagnosis form HERE.

Tuition for CTAS 2021 will be between $600-$900, including a non-refundable $50 registration fee. Payment plan options will continue to be available. Scholarship options will also be available in varying amounts.

Under the policy and guidance of Camp Twin Lakes, CTAS will be operating as a “Kids Cohort Camp”. Please see below for additional information.

“A kids cohort camp reduces the risk of infectious disease spread by limiting the number of people you come into close contact with during your camp experience. Cohorts will create a ‘bubble,’ and are not allowed to be within the social distance guidelines of 6 feet of any person not within the cohort, unless there is an emergency.”

“Cabin Cohort: A group of campers and volunteers assigned to a cabin not exceeding 60% of the cabin bed space (Will-A-Way = 9). While in the cabin space, the members should maintain social distancing when possible. When traveling outside the cabin, all participants should be wearing approved masks unless otherwise instructed by a CTL staff member, medical staff member, or by signage provided in the area. No member of a Cabin Cohort should be within the bubble of another cohort and must wear mask within visual presence of another cohort unless otherwise instructed.”

“Campers and Volunteers who share a cabin space and other medical/volunteer staff assigned to the cohort who do not interact with others outside of the cohort.”

“Cohort placement may not change once an individual has physically entered the cohort.” Each cohort will include 9 campers and volunteers total at maximum. “Cohorts will have limited interactions with other cohorts.”

Yes. “Masks should be worn by all campers and staff. Exclusions apply to participants who could not remove the mask independently should the individuals airway become restricted or may have another disability that mask wearing could jeopardize their safety. If the PO has other exceptions that they feel should be reasonably made for individuals whom have difficulty with mask wearing, the PO should submit an action plan to CTL for approval detailing how they will manage potential spread and reduce risk of exposure to all parties involved.”

“Masks are defined and are limited to face coverings that cover the mouth and nose, made of 2 or more layers of breathable material, and fit snugly along the sides of your face that does not leave gaps. A mask with a nose wire is preferred.”

“Masks should always be worn outside of the cabin except when eating or otherwise instructed by Program Staff, Camp Leadership or signage. Mask breaks can be taken outside the cabin when a cohort is stationary, not near the protected bubble of another cohort, and utilizing a visual designation that other cohorts can see (provided by CTL). Enhanced PPE should be used when it is necessary to enter a cohort’s bubble and/or prolonged close contact is required. This may include the additional use of gloves, gowns, eye-protection, shields, or other equipment.”

Screenings will occur each day at camp, including temperature checks. Prior to attending camp, each participant must complete the Pre-Camp Health Screening Form provided by CTL for a period of 14 days.

“Face Shields and other devices that do not fit snugly against the face are not allowed. Masks with one way valves (air flow tube allowing air to escape) are also not permitted.”

“Each participant (camper, staff, volunteer) and the individual’s household members who have close contact with the participant should quarantine for 14 days prior to the start of the camp session. Quarantine is defined as not having unmasked close contact with others outside of your family group and only participating in normal daily activities such as going to work, school, grocery store, and other routine activities. Traveling, participating in another overnight program, participating in large group activities, sleeping at a friend’s house, and attending a family reunion are example activities that should be avoided to meet quarantine minimums to attend camp. Only daily living activities as listed above will be permitted during quarantine period for safe entry into camp facilities and programs.”

Yes, COVID-19 tests will be required for each camp participant prior to camp, in addition to the Pre-Camp Health Screening Form provided by CTL.

“PCR tests will still be required at a minimum of 5 days prior to camp for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.”

Please see below regarding CTL specific policy. It should also be noted that caregivers MUST be able to pick up their camper within 12 hours of pick up being requested by CTL or CTAS.

“Individuals with COVID symptoms [at camp] must complete an antigen test. Positive tested individual’s co-campers, staff, and/or volunteers must be dismissed from camp. Following a negative test result. Tested individual must be dismissed from camp.”

“Co-campers, staff, and/or volunteers must undergo more stringent monitoring for the remainder of the camp session, including a minimum of 3 temperature checks and symptom screenings per day. If additional camper, staff, and/or volunteer presents with a fever or other COVID symptom the Travel Group must be dismissed from camp.”

“Camp Twin Lakes reserves the right to dismiss any individual on camp, for any reason, including suspected/confirmed COVID positive case.”

For Summer 2021, CTL Partner Camps may NOT provide mass transportation for campers to and/or from camp. While airline travel is still permitted, it is not encouraged and should be avoided if possible.

Please see HERE for our current Refund Policy.