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Who We Are

Camp Twitch & Shout is a one week overnight camp for children 8 to 17 years of age who have been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. Our Leader In Training program is available to 17 year olds with Tourette who are interested in eventually becoming a counselor. Camp is organized and managed by Tourette Information Center and Support (TICS), in partnership with Camp Twin Lakes, and is located at Camp Will-A-Way in Winder, Georgia.

Throughout the week Camp Twitch & Shout campers, with volunteer staff dedicated to helping them achieve successes, engage in activities and challenges focused on helping the campers to overcome obstacles and grow in their confidence and capabilities. It’s a place where our campers can just be regular kids having fun and making memories.

The volunteers are trained to help the campers achieve their goals and enjoy many positive experiences. When our campers return home and are faced with challenges our hope is that they will be able to look back at everything they were able to accomplish during camp week and say “I can find success because I was successful at Camp Twitch & Shout.”

A camper once said, “I wake up every morning thinking that I’m one day closer to camp.” We feel the same way and can’t wait for you to be a part of our Camp Twitch & Shout family!